Mask mandate in Colorado: Good news for small businesses?

Jul 16

By Eva Reinoso Tejada ::: We are now a good four months into the Coronavirus pandemic, and every new day brings new challenges and scenarios. I still remember when we first got locked down, I had thi...

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“Continued Social Distance”: What is it and how will it change my life and my business?

Apr 15

By Eva Reinoso Tejada   No doubt these past few weeks have been the craziest of my lifetime. And I am not alone. Some people don’t have work, others have too much and too risky, and other...

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The Coronavirus economic stimulus bill (CARES Act) is here. GET READY TO BE HELPED!

Apr 03

By Eva Reinoso Tejada The federal government has approved the $2 trillion coronavirus economic stimulus bill, or CARES Act on March 27th, 2020. We business owners are still stumbling around with bill...

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COVID19: Is your business ready to reopen? (Get your free sticker)

May 08

  By Eva Reinoso Tejada The weeks of quarantine, isolation and anguish for many business owners are closer to an end, at least in Denver and throughout Colorado. It is not like a magic event th...

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COVID-19 has brought my small business to a halt. Now what?

Mar 28

By Eva Reinoso Tejada The past two weeks have been, for sure, worse than a scene out of a science fiction movie. As the Coronavirus spreads around the globe, breaking havoc in people’s lives, h...

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